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Hope to see you all tonight in game leds go for 14 players Hooah
Becose old map is still in server juse only f12 . i will take old maps out soon
Its the systam on bots i must do it manual in server so never chage it S.v.P
hey vanoke, why can i only fix time to 20 min... and not to 45 min
ok i look
Reminder of event 285 AAO Battlecommunity Gameplay on 2017-11-19 19:30:00
AAO Battlecommunity Custom 2.8.5 Created maps Random gameplay TS:
=PUF=VanokeYou look for only one AA Army map you dident have from AA Army Battlecommunitie than here is the place . Other admins save your own map if the name is the same after over writhe the map its not the old map anymore so you know aaobattlecommunity has his standard for gameplay all map are in this but not the dubble ore near simulair map , if ther is a new map ore map that is interesting we will puth it in agan.
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FISH   there is no boder on pvp
Shihan64   registered to 2.5 and 2.8.5 America`s Army Game
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Method   registered to 2.5 and 2.8.5 America`s Army Game
Method   created a new thread Download for AA 2.8.5 in the General Discussion forum
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