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Sure Dodge any time look if i am online in bleu dot
ty, ip works hooah
Dont uner stand looks not possible true website. try only ip in ts 82 . 72 . 209 . 76 that will do it.
fsils when try to connect to your ts3
Look NEWS below Changed supported Maps and more Hooah!
Reminder of event 2.8.5 AA Army Battlecommunity Gameplay on 2017-10-18 19:00:00
Battlecommunity Custom 2.8.5 Created maps Random gameplay TS: your welcome
-Raider-   created a new thread KOOL'S SERVER in the General Discussion forum
=PUF=Vanoke=PUF=Eas thx for the good game times. All good to you m8
Bad_Devil79   registered to 2.5 and 2.8.5 America`s Army Game
=PUF=VanokeMap:Trainwreck26P now also ready for P.v.P game 26-26 Us Army special forces Search for and destroy Prototype Drone and get the hell to extraction point BUT ware comes the Insergent forces from 4 way they respawn :) ( Look out Bobby traps ) Map is made for upload 2018
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