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SF Extraction_SE cant find this map in ts....
map number 11 is fixed for gameplay. change will be later this year so all maps will be intresting :)
its free :)
small community with alot inpact in game play
gameplay for now consentrate to events were we find each other between that look new browser after install all we strartup
Reminder of event Monday Borderday on Assist on 2018-04-23 20:00:00
Join in on www.aao25.com you find download for Monday PUF Clan Border Evening good game HOOAH! .
=PUF=VanokeAfter a night map now later this year a day light map for 285 aa army name GhosttownDay becose some people has problem with dark maps on ther computer its helpful to bring some maps into daylight
=PUF=VanokeMeaby GFT need more members to wake up
mantacore   registered to 2.5 and 2.8.5 America`s Army Game
=PUF=VanokeHard to kill javelin did it on sfhighland on FFat Foo Fire Clan server lol thx guys
Javalin kill.jpg - Click to see more photos
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