=PUF=VanokeNext weekend ther will be a update in maps to download here. later on the big downloads with all maps will be changed to, new link will follow.... the link for only on map is around Thursday update. Servers will be changed for bots server Thursday and Friday for P.v.P maps . this change is for making this game interesting for battle see you on the battlefield HOOAH !
=PUF=VanokeSoooo for those that diddent understand the map AAStarWarz i have the sulution to a intresting graphic bots gameplay. this map was made for 1 player and not in a server...... BUT open aa armyops and admins know in the admin concul line type Open AAStarWarz press enter and see ther a nice playable map starting in space ship SChhooooot all :)
=PUF=VanokeBROWSER 1.1 IS READY FOR DOWNLOADE : OBAN on 15/05 at 17:23
Soldiers, as developer of the AA285 Browser, I invite you to use version 1.1 of the Browser. a new version with several improvements. You can download the new version on this page . OBAN big thx from the community here!
AA 2.8.5 Server Browser v1.1.rar
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just!-sFwb   registered to 2.5 and 2.8.5 America`s Army Game
OBAN   registered to 2.5 and 2.8.5 America`s Army Game
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